Security Awareness

Sensitive information requests

Dear Customer,

This is to caution you that fraudulent emails and links to fraudulent websites are in circulation to deceive customers.

Their modus operandi is to ask for sensitive account information, for instance account number, credit card number, passwords, PIN, etc.

They use names, letterheads, office stationery, fake employment, logos etc, which appear to be similar to that of legitimate companies. There is a term coined by hackers, "phishing" which describes this practice

  • Please note that we do not seek any such information from our clients via emails hence we urge you not to pass on such sensitive information
  • If in case you do receive such a request claiming to be from NatWest Markets, please let us know by contacting your branch or by calling us at our Bank by Phone service
  • Never respond to these emails
  • Install and keep up-to-date, anti-virus software
  • Install personal firewall software
  • Never click on any link to log on to bank websites or open attachments in emails purportedly sent to you by your bank, credit card company or service provider. Always enter the full URL of our bank into your browser address bar

We seek your cooperation for serving you better.

Thank you

NatWest Markets Plc , India

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